Wednesday, June 22, 2011

18 Months

Holy cow...I am 18 months now! That means I'm a year and a half!
AND Happy 1/2 Birthday to Me!

Here's what I'm up to these days...
  • I'm a morning person...always have been. You can usually hear me between 6:30-7. I wake up every morning in a great mood and will give you the biggest smile and hug when you greet me in my crib. Then I'll jump around a little - 'cause I'm SO EXCITED to see you!   
  • I like to watch cartoons in the morning. My favorites are Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins.
  • I'm a little bit more picky at what I eat now. I still LOVE fruit! I could eat only fruit all day if Mom and Dad would let me. As for meals, one day I'll like it, the next day I may not touch it. I think it has to do with my teeth. I am finally starting to get some molars in. For a while there, it was just the front teeth.
  • While Mom & Dad are cleaning up dinner, my eyes get hooked on Wheel of Fortune. I like the sound effects and sometimes I like to push the letters on the TV like Vanna does.
  • I love to play with any gadget that has buttons, especially the remotes and Mommy & Daddy's cell phones. And man, can I throw a fit if these things get taken away from me!
  • I like to play and talk to Sadie (the dog). She even sits still now when I'm petting her. We like to chase each other up and down the hallway. We play outside too. I'm getting pretty good at throwing the bumper and frisbee to her...even if it is only 2 feet away. She'll still run up and grab it as if I threw it 10 feet.
  • I love to be outside. Mommy and Daddy sometimes take me to the playground at Daddy's school. I also have a swing under the deck at home. And sometimes I just run around the yard. I get mad when I have to go inside and Sadie gets to stay out.
  • I like to clap after singing nursery rhymes. I sometimes hum and jabber along, but always know when the song is over and clap.
  • I'm getting to be quite the talker. I will have a complete conversation with you, only you may not know half of what I'm saying. The words you can make out are: Mama, Dada, Papa, Nana, hi, bye bye, daw (dog), du (duck), baw (ball). I will put my arms in the air and say "touchdown". I will say "two" after you say "one".

  • I've never had much trouble going to bed at night. It's usually between 7:30-8. After Mommy & Daddy say goodnight and turn out the light, I'll give a couple yells to see if they come back (but they never do). Then I lay down and fall right asleep.

Here's a few more pictures from the last month:
Swimming at the pool in my car floatie
Yes, I fell asleep with my hand IN the snack cup! I woke up and put my hands to my face and whacked myself in the head with the snack cup. I WAS NOT a happy camper after that!
Mommy & Daddy got the outside of the house re-painted. So it looks like we moved, only we didn't. What a change! It used to be light gray with (really faded) dark blue shutters and door (Mommy's going to look for an old picture). 

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