Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Zoo - What a bunch of animals!!

We visited the Kansas City Zoo today. Not only because we got in free (KC residents get free admission during months of October & November), but also because the CAT IN THE HAT was going to be there!!
How ExCiTiNg!! I even wore my Cat in the Hat shirt!
Once I met the Cat, I got really shy and a little scared.
I clung to Mommy's leg, but managed to get some pictures anyway.

Then it was on to see the animals. Right inside the entrance was an otter. I had a BLAST watching him!! He was playing with his ball and swimming all over the place! He made me laugh a lot!

We also saw lots and lots of birds. I liked these the best. They were climbing on the fence up close to me.
I think I still like the goats the best. We got some goat food and they were eating it right out of my hands!!
The zookeepers were taking these little goats out for a walk.
I had fun petting them and even got to brush them a little!
We met up with my friend Harper, who happened to also be there today. We strolled for a short time and got to see the elephants together.
I thought the elephants were neat too. We watched them eat their food.
I kept saying, "What's that?"... "Oh, what's that?" I was very curious.

We didn't make it all the way through before I fell asleep.
There was a lot of walking (in my case, strolling) and it wore me out!

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