Sunday, October 30, 2011

Visit from Gramma and Aunt Molly

Daddy had parent-teacher conferences last week. Aunt Molly once again came to babysit me so Mommy didn't have to take time off work. She couldn't be here the whole week so Gramma came at the beginning, then they traded. I had lots of fun with them and of course, I got spoiled rotten!! The weather was perfect and we spent lots and lots of time outside. Gramma took me for a stroller ride every day and we went to the park.


They read stories to me...

Molly also took me to storytime at the library.
 Chasing bubbles!

We all went to the Red Barn Farm in Weston. We didn't stay too long 'cause it got pretty chilly when the sun went down. Not before I got to see the animals though...

Oh, and we carved lots of pumpkins too! Molly's working hard on this one...
 The finished jack-o-lanterns!

Getting a bite to eat before Molly heads back home to IA City.

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