Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween... and some randoms at 22 Months

Here's me on Halloween:
We only went trick-or-treating to a few houses. The first one, I got mad because I couldn't go inside. The 2nd one, I just walked inside, but Mommy had to hold me back. And well, at the 3rd Mommy just held me so I wouldn't walk in. Then we went back to my house where Daddy was handing out candy. I just hung out in the front yard, ran around and played with the pumpkins. I guess you could say I was just grazing. :) I had a good time as I LOVE being outside and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!
 Other things I'm doing at 22 Months:
My biggest obsession is still my letters and numbers. I can fully say the alphabet (but sometimes I like to leave some letters out) and counting to 10 is easy peasy for me! The video above was taken a few weeks ago. I'm a little better now. The funniest part is when I say "R", I give it a full pirate effect and say "ARRR!" in a deep growly voice!
I love to listen to my fridge DJ radio. You can find me playing the alphabet song over and over again.
  • I haven't been eating the best lately. Mommy and Daddy weren't sure why until they recently noticed that I have 3 teeth coming in right now! Wowser!!
  • My vocabulary isn't the greatest, but it's getting better every day. 
  •  I'm also obsessed with shoes! Some may think I get that from Mommy, but it's mostly because I know when you put my shoes on that means we're going outside. One morning while Daddy was getting out of the shower, he found that I brought about 6 pairs of shoes in the bathroom for him!
  • I've been working on using the potty chair lately. I sometimes will go in the potty before my bath (the running water helps!). I've gone 2 times now on my OWN prompt, by telling Mommy and Daddy!! I think I might go on the potty more if they would remember to ask me more often. Guess we'll ALL have to work on the potty thing!
We've been busy cheering on the Huskers...even though sometimes it's been unbearable!


My first Happy Meal! YUM!!

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