Saturday, December 3, 2011

23 Months already!

Whew! The last month just flew by! I just realized that it's time for another entry!
It's hard for me to even recall what I did the last month!
Well, first of all, I had my 6 month check-up on the tubes in my ears. I passed with flying colors! I haven't had an ear infection since April and hope to make it through the winter without one. Daddy and Mommy are very thankful for them!

Gramma Jean and Grampa Larry came to visit a few weeks ago. They stopped for a couple days on their way back from Branson. We had fun playing and watching the Nebraska game. Oh, and I said my letters for them many, many times! I also got my 2-year pictures taken while they were here. It's a little early yet, but Mommy wanted to get them done for holiday cards and before it got too cold outside. Mommy & Daddy's friend Jeni took them. She takes fantastic pics! You'll see more of mine later, but you can see the rest of Jeni's awesome-ness here:
Here's one I took with Gramma and Papa...

We spent 4 days over Thanksgiving in Columbus with the Andreasen's. I'm finally big enough to play with my cousins - and spent a lot of time doing so!
Here we all are: TJ, Me, Molly, Amelia, Sophia and Luke.
 Gramma had to show me the pics she took.
I love looking at them on the camera.
I wasn't too excited about eating the Thanksgiving meal,
so I got chicken fingers and fries instead.  
TJ became my buddy and I LOVED that he let me play on his ipad!

Then everyone else joined in too!

I also got to help him play cards.
I found plenty of cars and trucks to play with!
Fortunately, the weather on Thanksgiving Day was really nice, so we got to spend some time playing outside and watching the ducks.

Amelia and I visited the ducks the next day too while the mommies went out shopping.
There were lots that came to visit that day!
 Of course we did have some bread to feed them!

We watched the movie Babe, which is my favorite right now.
I LOVE watching all the animals!

We also made cupcakes and celebrated Amelia's 3rd birthday while in Columbus.
Happy Birthday Amelia!!
We left early Sunday morning to meet my other Gramma and Papa (Ryan) who were in Lincoln for the weekend to attend the NE/IA game. We had lunch at Runza and a quick visit before we headed back on the road. Thanks to Gramma, this is what Mommy and Daddy had to listen to for the 1st 20 minutes of the drive:

Then I took a nap...

We've been getting ready for Christmas here at our house.
Mommy's got the Christmas music out, the tree and decorations are up...
 and I've been watching a few of the traditional Christmas TV shows...
with many more to come I'm sure!

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  1. I love the updates! Happy Holidays! Miss you Beckett! Glad you're doing fabulous!