Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 2nd Birthday!!

Here's what's going on with me at 2 years:
  • I usually wake up between 6:30-7, but Mommy or Daddy don't come get me until 7. If I wake up early, I play in my crib or grab some books on the nearby shelf and read them. Once I'm dressed, I get my juice and cereal cup and sit down to watch cartoons while Daddy gets ready for work.
  • My favorite cartoons are Superwhy!, Cat in the Hat, Curious George and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and occasionally I like to watch the movie Babe. I LOVE all the animals on there!
  • I'm getting better at eating my food. I eat a good breakfast - usually Dad's scrambled eggs, a banana and a waffle or toast. I still LOVE fruit and would eat it all day long if I could! Grilled cheese, chicken fries, ham slices, mac-n-cheese, sweet potato fries, cottage cheese and yogurt are part of the usual rotation. For snacks I love goldfish, graham crackers, fruit snacks and cereal bars.
  • I am finally close to getting rid of the morning nap. Only when I'm really cranky, I take one in the morning. I usually sleep from 2 1/2-3 hours in the afternoon.
  • I still LOVE my letters and numbers. I can say the whole alphabet and count to 13! I have alphabet flash cards that I play with. I like to lay them on the floor and bring you the letter you call out.
  • The phrases most often heard from me are: "Whoa, cool!"
    "I see you!"
    "There you are!"
    I say good-bye to everything when we leave the house... "Bye Sadie. Bye trucks. Bye cars. Bye Sadie. Bye juice. Bye fish. Bye Sadie. Bye books. Bye Superwhy. Bye Sadie." And yes, I do tell Sadie good-bye multiple times!
  • I LOVE anything with wheels on, trucks, trains! I play with them all!
  • I LOVE to be outside. I grab my coat and drag it around the house so Mommy or Daddy will take me out. It doesn't always work though. I love pulling my big wagon around outside. And I love my new car!
  • I watch football with Daddy every weekend. It is easy for me to recognize when a team scores a touchdown. I raise my arms and yell, "Touchdown!". Sometimes Daddy gets upset when I cheer for the wrong team, especially if it's against his fantasy football team. He has me trained to cheer for any team in red - Huskers, Chiefs.
  • Sadie and I are still buds. She continues to herd me around the house - all the time!
  •  A few of my other favorites: doing 'the handshake' with Daddy (high five, knuckles, elbows, chest bump), animals & animal sounds, bubbles, books, coloring...
  • Bedtime is between 7:30-8. I have a pretty regular routine... we read a couple books, sing a couple songs, then lay down with my blanket. I only need my blanket at bedtime and you won't hear from me again until morning. Night-night!
*** Pictures were taken by Jeni at Acres of Hope Photography. You can see more of her amazing talent at 

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