Friday, December 23, 2011

December Randoms...

Here's a few random pictures taken the last month...

Don't really remember what this was...
For some reason I put my hat on to watch TV.
I like to look at the tree
and you'll usually hear me say "Whoa, cool!"
Bath time!
Playing with shapes 

Mommy & Daddy took me to Crown Center for my birthday, but it was WAAAYYYYY crowded! The plan was to go see Santa at the Crayola Christmas. We got there and the line was at least an hour and a half long!! Way longer than we all could've handled, especially around lunch time. So we went to the Crayola store instead and I got to do some coloring. We also played in a really cool toy store for a while.
Mommy & Daddy got this really cool chair for me!
Now I have my very own place to sit! 
Auntie Megan stopped by too and brought me a birthday present!
I have fun with these colorful blocks!

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