Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

We had a GREAT Christmas!!
Gramma Jean & Papa Larry came to visit us for Christmas! Mommy & Daddy thought it was awfully nice to have Christmas in our own house this year! The weather was AMAZINGLY nice so we spent some time outside. I showed them my new car and we played a little basketball. We went to church service and had a yummy turkey dinner on Christmas Day!

The anticipation of Christmas... though I wasn't sure what was really going to happen.
Peeking under the tree! 

Christmas morning!

I got this road map rug and cars from Gramma & Papa! 
Opening more presents... 
I liked my Curious George movie too! 
And GUESS WHAT?!! I got a whole stocking full of  
keep digging...
I got busy lining them up right away!! 

Mommy and Daddy think it might have been a bad idea getting me so many trucks... (the tantrums seemed to have started just after my 2nd birthday - hello terrible twos!). All I ever want to do is play with my trucks! All I think of is TRUCKS, TRUCKS, TRUCKS!!! And they've learned to let me bring a truck or two everywhere we have to go. I have them when I eat & when I get my diaper changed. They sit on the counter when I (attempt to) go potty, take a bath and we even keep some in the car! The most trouble was when it was my bedtime...I didn't want to leave them and they wouldn't let me take them to bed with me. BOO! They've learned now that I have to say goodnight to my trucks before I go to bed. Watch the video and you'll see...


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