Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ice Cream Days

We spent Father's Day weekend in Le Mars. It was also Ice Cream Days in the Ice Cream Capital of the World! I saw my first parade and it was AWESOME!!! I spent lots of time with Gramma and Papa - they took me to the park TWICE!! Don't forget, I also got to see the cows, chickens and had rides on the gator, tractor AND skidloader!! I was sure busy!!

Waiting with Uncle Marc for the parade to start
Here it comes!! 
 Checking out what's coming...
These were definitely my favorite!!
You can't have a parade without a big ice cream truck!

At the park with Gramma & Papa after church
Gramma even swang with me!
The next morning... I helped Papa with chores
visited the cows and chickens
played with Sam
and drove my tractor!
I pushed Mom around
and we rode together
More time at the park
Everyone got on the swings!
playing with Evan
Back on the farm... tractor ride
helping Papa put it away 
Gator ride! 
And of course, we couldn't leave without
a stop to Bob's Drive-In for some ice cream! 

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