Sunday, July 1, 2012


Mom & Dad brought me to a Touch-A-Truck event this weekend! It was for Harvesters where companies brought in their vehicles for kids to touch and tour. There were REALLY, REALLY big dump trucks, cranes, loaders, fuel truck, fire truck, ambulance, army tank, tractors, school bus and lots more! There were really long lines to go inside these trucks. Mom & Dad were pretty thankful that I wasn't too concerned about seeing the inside of them. I just liked touching them and looking at the wheels. I'm sure that won't be the case when I'm older. Here are a few pics:

I loved the school bus!
Inside the ambulance from Children's Mercy 
Some goats from nearby petting zoo 
Harley motorcycle 
More school bus! 

Pick-up Truck
(kids got to write all over the outside with dry-erase markers) 

Mom & Dad kept asking me what I wanted to see next... I kept saying tractors!
Here's one that I got to sit on:
I could be in a parade!!

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