Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012

We were VERY busy the month of July,
which is probably why my posts haven't been up-to-date.
These are my friends Paige and Josie. I like to swim with them.
They keep telling Mom & Dad to go out on a date so they can babysit me.

We spent 4th of July at home. We went to the pool for relief from the scorching temperatures.
Later that evening went up to the neighbor's to watch some fireworks. I loved them! Well, except for when they got really loud. Let's just say I loved watching them from far away.
We went to see Gramma & Grampa on the lake in NE a couple weekends this month.
We also went on a few boat rides.
Daddy let me drive!! 
The ride back to KC with Sadie

I've spent lots and lots of time with Daddy this month.
He's taught me all kinds of stuff - even some camp songs!

I got some awesome new trucks from some friends in the neighborhood!!

We went on a field trip with my friend Fletcher
and his Mommy to Deanna Rose, then to the
choo choo place (Fritz's) for lunch. It was lots of fun!

Daddy also got the downstairs painted...
Bye, Bye Blue Wall!

I had another playdate with Fletcher and a new friend, Ellie!
We had lots of fun!

Gramma came to visit from IA & we did lots and lots of playing!

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