Monday, August 13, 2012

2 Family Reunions, 1 Weekend = Exhausted!

We just got back from a long weekend in IA. We celebrated both Great-Gramma's birthdays.
First, Gramma came to my house and spent a few days with me so Daddy could start getting his classroom ready. Though, the first part of it I wasn't feeling so good - I was having a bit of a fever.
The fever went away after a few days and we continued to play and play and play!

Mommy, Gramma and I went to IA on Wednesday night, but it was a pretty crazy drive - we went through some pretty bad storms...
And got a pretty rainbow at the end!

The next day on the farm was beautiful! Felt like a cool, fall day!
We took advantage - Evan and I had lunch on the patio!
Then we played and played some more!

Friday, we went to Yankton, SD for a reunion with my Papa's family.
We celebrated Great Gramma's 85th birthday!
Here's all the daughters & sons, spouses, grandkids (grandkids' spouses) and great-grandkids
57 people!!!! - and about 4 were still missing!

On Saturday, we celebrated with my Gramma's family.
Great Gramma turned 90 years old!!!
I liked driving my car on her chair :)

More playing on the farm...
I love playing with Sam!
Papa gave me a ride in the big truck!
And of course I got lots of rides with Uncle Marc on the tractor, gator and lawn mower!!

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