Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013

Here's a few shots from September...

 Naptime for peaceful (and comfy)
 Kalia learned how to sit
 and now gets up on all fours!
 Once up, she wiggles her bottom...
appropriately now called 'twerking' thanks to Miley Cyrus

Gramma & Aunt Molly came for a weekend where we enjoyed a Royals game.
Molly helped me with some mini golf
My friend Megan came with us too!
Kalia was sure a trooper - it was sooooo HOT at the game!
She didn't make a peep!

Of course a game is not complete without getting on the jumbo-tron!

Later that weekend, Gramma, Molly & Mom went to the Michael Buble concert.
They said it was a lot of fun!

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