Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014

We didn't do a whole lot this month,
but still managed to keep busy despite the lack of pictures we took.
Kalia's eating big girl food now instead of all that pureed stuff...
like carrots...
and avocado...
and mixed veggies!

I've been busy at school too. We're learning about winter, snowflakes, the north & south poles, penguins and polar bears!
Dad & Mom had to put a barricade up around the fireplace so Kalia wouldn't crawl on it & get hurt. Somehow, she still manages to get through...
There were a few nice days in the month...
We FINALLY managed to get the to zoo and see the new penguins. It was so fun! We saw other animals this guy from Madagascar!
I also FINALLY got to ride my new bike that I got from my birthday! Dad took me to his school to ride on the flat playground area.

Kalia LOVES her bath time!! Mommy likes that she doesn't splash that much anymore...instead, she LOVES to hold on to these little doggies that she got for xmas.
Mommy came home to this one night while Dad was cooking dinner.
'Lil Stinker!!

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