Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kalia - 11 Months

Kalia has ESPECIALLY been keeping us all on our toes this past month! The most exciting news is that she's walking! YES, I said WALKING! She's a busy girl and needs to get places, so she uses her feet to get there. Funny thing is, she practices so much on her own without us prompting her! Most recently she gets upset at herself for falling and we hear a little whining. She just wants to walk so badly! You know, it's hard keeping up with big brother!!

 This video was taken January 18th...some of her first steps on her own!

This was January 30th, nearly 2 weeks later. They learn fast, don't they?!!

She's also been keeping us on our toes with illness. We've just had horrible luck this winter with both kiddos getting sick! It was around New Year's that she had an ear infection and diagnosed with RSV. So she had breathing treatments 4-6 times a day for a couple weeks. Then 2 weeks ago, she ran a really high fever that just wouldn't go down, so we paid a visit to the ER with a 105°temp (because it happened after hours on a Friday night, of course). It took them a while, but they finally got the temp down. After a few tests that all came back negative, they couldn't find a reason behind it all. She had a little bit of a fever a couple more times that weekend, but has been fever-free since then.
Thankfully our little baby girl is now happy & healthy!

Now we have a party to plan because this baby girl is going to be ONE next month!!

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