Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

A few randoms from January:
Kalia was a little exhausted when Aunt Molly left on New Year's Day. This we her during her nap!
 We had a very cold spell for about a week so we thought it was a good time to wear our new Frozen clothes we got for Christmas and write with our Frozen markers. When you draw on the windows, the marker crystallizes to look like snowflakes. It was very cool!

Kalia loves to listen to Pandora and dance!

I had my 5 year check-up at the doctor. I passed all me tests and had to get TWO shots! I was very brave and didn't even feel the 2nd one! I thought they forgot to give it to me, but then Mom said they did, I just didn't feel it. I got a special treat when I got home for being so brave - an ice cream sundae! 

Dad was playing around with his camera...and got some good shots of Kalia watching her favorite show - Bubble Guppies 

And here's a few pictures from our adventures at school:
 Penguins at the animal hospital
We play outside as much as possible. 
Thankfully, we've had a pretty tame winter so far! 
Play-doh fun!
 We explored the backyard for fossils
This was the funniest of them all. When we came in from playing outside, Kalia went to the pantry and found the snacks for everyone!

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