Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

Sleeping with Peanut, the penguin
Ice cream at Chick-fil-A 
This girl will NOT keep her jammies on! 
Both Kalia and I upgraded to new beds! I got this new loft bed that I get to climb up every night. Kalia went from a crib to a big girl bed...though she still has trouble staying in bed. She gets up multiple times with every excuse in the book.
Mom & Dad had a little weekend getaway in Omaha for their 15 year anniversary. Gramma from the farm met us in Omaha and took us back to the farm for the weekend. 
They met up with Mommy's friend from high school and her husband for dinner. She said it was a great time catching up!

Back in Le Mars, Grampa was working on building a swingset to bring to Kansas City. He let us test it out a bit...
 The little girls swinging. After this was a screaming contest. They loved the echo of their voice in the shed. Ahhh...the little things that entertain!
Giggling Emma!
All snuggled up after a bath watching Frozen
Castle Park - a definite stop when in town! 
I was there too...I just didn't sit still for a picture
Flags at the courthouse on Memorial Day...found Great Grampa Fritz's. I said, "I LOVE American flags! This is so cool!"

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