Saturday, May 9, 2015

T-Ball Starts

I started playing t-ball this year. Last year it was just learning the skills at stations, but this year is REAL t-ball with REAL practices and REAL games! I'm SOOOO EXCITED every time we go to practice or a game. At first I didn't know the positions...they would tell me where to go and I would look at Dad and say, "Who am I?". He would say, "You're Gordon!" or "You're Moustakas!" I guess I just know where the Royals players play and not the real names of the positions! Haha! I've learned a LOT!
Here are a few pictures from practice:
Lining up to run the bases
My friend, Carson, was on the team with me 
 Fielding some balls
and batting practice 
Kalia plays on the nearby soccer field during practice

Here's my first game:
Dad was the dugout coach

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