Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning

Santa came!!! 
Royals Blue Crew from Mom & Dad
Mom got princess jammies from Kalia
Kalia got a princess helmet to wear with her bike
I got Dad this awesome dinosaur t-shirt
We both got a set of Legos
Kalia got a scooter
I got Osmo
We both got lots
and lots
of books!
I got a NE sweatshirt and Kalia got a mermaid tail blanket
We started playing with the Legos right away

Snowman pancakes for breakfast!
"Look Mom! Jesus' star like they talked about last night at church!"
It's really a fort-making kit

We had my favorite - a snacky lunch! 
and a special dessert! 
We got to play the rest of the day and we watched the Chiefs that night after packing up for a week to the Gramma's & Grampa's.

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