Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Nebraska

We just got back from Christmas in Nebraska!
Here I am in my Big Boy car seat!! I get to face forward now and see Mommy and Daddy!!

On Thursday Gramma Jean had made me a birthday cake since they couldn't be here for my party. It was a really cool train!! My cousins Sophia, Amelia and Molly were also there to celebrate with me.

This is me on Christmas morning... looking at the lights on the tree...
Watching SportsCenter with Daddy...

On Christmas day we got a visit from Santa Claus.
I wasn't very happy as it was past my naptime.
Once I saw Sophia and Amelia talk to Santa, I was a little more curious about him.
Hangin' out with cousins TJ and Luke

I got a really cool tunnel from Mommy and Daddy for Xmas!
I hope everyone else had a GREAT Christmas like I did!!!

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