Friday, February 11, 2011

13 Months

Well, it's been a while since I've written... January wasn't too fun as it's been almost a month of sickness for me, but hopefully now I'm on the mend. I was able to hang out with Mommy and Daddy as they were home for some snow days, but I wasn't able to play in the snow because it's either been too cold or I've been under the weather.
Here I am... not feeling well... and it got a little dry as you can see...
I am continuing to eat well and eating more finger foods. My most recent favorite is bites of ham and colby jack cheese!
 I am also finally getting the hang of the sippy cup and about half way switched to whole milk.
 I still play very well independently and love to read my books. 
I like to run up and down the hallway and sometimes Sadie chases me!
I have figured out how to open the gate at the top of the stairs, so Mommy and Daddy have to make sure it's completely locked so I don't get it open. I like to crawl around under the table like it's a fort.
I especially like it when Mommy and Daddy are sitting at the table...then I like to tickle their feet! It's fun times!! Daddy tries to explain to me that it doesn't work so well when they have shoes on, but I don't quite understand. I also still love the remote and cell phone...and get really mad when they get taken away from me.
I like to look at the pictures on Mommy's phone and can scroll them all by myself! I now have 5 cell phones of my own and play with each one of them!! I like the computer too...pushing the buttons is fun! I've also been talking to both Gramma's and Grampa's on skype.
Bath time!

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