Wednesday, February 23, 2011

14 Months

So it seems as if my birthday was just yesterday, yet 2 whole months have already gone by! Jeez! I am Mr. Independent now as I like to play and have conversations with myself and whomever is listening. I still like to play under the kitchen table, though lately it's become my hiding spot when I need to do my "duty" after I eat. I am eating lots of finger foods now and completely switched to whole milk. My favorites are colby jack cheese, bananas, grilled cheese, veggie straws, yogurt and toast. I also drink from the sippy cup at mealtime and only get a bottle before bed.
Here I am eating spaghetti rings and meatballs for dinner. If you see below, I picked all the meatballs out - didn't care too much for them!
Though what I say may sound like a lot of babble, I do understand many words now. If you say "hungry" or "food" I'll go straight for my high chair. I also understand "drink" and can almost say "Sadie". I like to give high-fives and can also blow kisses and wave/say "bye-bye". I give kisses too, but usually with a slobbery open mouth!
I learned how to make lots of noises with my mouth from Grampa when he visited!
I still take a morning nap and an afternoon nap -
anywhere from 1-2 hours each and always with my blanket.
And I always wake up in a good mood!

Last weekend we flew to Denver to see Aunt Joni & Uncle Colin and my cousins Sophia and Amelia. I sure had a good time with them!

Eating breakfast with Amelia...
Play time!
We visited the Denver Aquarium and I got to see lots of fish!!

Mommy and Aunt Joni went to a place called Canvas and Cocktails where they painted pictures and drank some wine. She had a blast!
Here is her picture - mid-completion...
And here is the finished product! WOW!
We also went to a mall where I got to play with lots of kids!
Hangin' out with Sophie and her friends
Playing with more toys!
We flew back on Monday and I was excited to see Sadie again! Mommy and Daddy scheduled the flights around my morning naptime so I slept most of the way there and back.

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