Friday, February 11, 2011

I got your underpants!

Mommy's turn...
As time goes on, I'm finding things that Beckett does that are quite hilarious. I feel that because usually there isn't a camera nearby to capture these funny moments, I have no choice than to share them on his blog. So here goes...

A few nights ago, Beckett followed me into our bedroom. As usual, he was getting into stuff so I turned to see what it was this time. He was taking the lid off the laundry basket and pulling out the first thing he could reach - Daddy's underwear. I proceeded to play with him in a effort that he would let it go. Instead, he took off running down the hallway, waving the underwear in his hand and laughing as if he was saying, "Ha, Ha! You can't catch me!" I ran after him only to find that he was running around the kitchen, still waving the underwear. As I caught up with him and got the underwear away, I realized a few things... 1) I was surprised the underwear was actually IN the hamper to begin with and 2) I was really glad that we didn't have company over at that time. Though, I'm sure far worse embarrassing things will happen as he grows up! Good times~

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  1. Thats too cute! Amazing what kids will do! When Madi was somewhere around Beckett's age she took my bra and hooked it around her neck... Just wait, it only gets better and funnier!