Wednesday, April 27, 2011

16 Months

I turned 16 Months this weekend and got to spend all 3 days with Mommy & Daddy! We had lots of fun as I'm learning lots and lots of new things! Mommy & Daddy can't believe the difference now that my ears are fixed! My vocabulary has made a complete turn around! While I LOVE to hear myself jibber jabber and squeal, I am back to saying Momma and Dada.
You'll also hear these words:
"baw" (Ball)
"hi say" (Hi Sadie)
"daw" (Dog)
"du" (Duck)
"nana" (Banana or Gramma, not sure which)
"papa" (Grampa)
and I'm still signing "more"

I've been doing a lot of imitating as I learn new things. I like to shake and squeeze the lotion bottle like Mommy. I like to grab Daddy's shaver and rub it along my face. I know what "sit" means, but I don't always like to listen. (I get told this a lot when I'm in the tub!) I go up and down the stairs all by myself - Daddy took the gate down last week! Sadie likes having more freedom too!

I enjoyed my first kid's meal at 54th Street last week! I thought it was pretty neat-o... And I got my own ice cream dessert!! (Daddy didn't even eat it all, can you believe it?!)

I am learning to draw...
I like to play with balloons...
 and all kinds of other toys!

I did some coloring...Am I left handed?
Or right handed?
It's tough to say...

We went to the playground!

There was an Easter egg hunt after church!

I had another egg hunt at home.
I liked to shake them up!
Then say "Ball" and throw them back on the ground!
I have lots of yellow eggs...
You can have this one!
Sadie had fun too!
 I gave her a pat on the back for being such a good help!
...Cuz she's my buddy!

I got a really yummy chocolate bunny for Easter dessert!
I was sharing with Mommy & Daddy too... I was biting pieces off and handing them off!
All done! He was delicious!

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