Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feeling better!

Well, if you didn't know, I've had a horrible time with multiple ear infections since December. We scheduled an appt with an ENT and finally got tubes in my ears on Friday. Everything went well and I've adjusted to the "newness" of my ears. It was a rough week though, as I started having a fever the Monday prior. Mom & Dad took me to the Dr. and found that I had ANOTHER ear infection! So after 3 days of fever and many sleepless nights all week, I finally got the tubes and I'm feeling much better!!

I've also had many visitors come to play with me the last few weeks! First Aunt Molly & Uncle J brought their dog, Luke, and new puppy, Rio, to visit. I had a good time with Rio, only he had a lot of unpredictable energy that sometimes got to be too much for me.

Next, Gramma Jean & Grampa Larry came to see me. We had a good time playing too.
They taught me how to say "Papa".

Gramma Mushy & Uncle Marc visited last weekend after my ear surgery.
Once I started feeling better, I played lots more...

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