Sunday, August 11, 2013

Go Royals! Go Huskers!

Naps were taken before the big game...
We went to another Royals game only this time it was Husker night @ Kauffman Stadium - in honor of left fielder Alex Gordon. He's my favorite player along with Billy Butler and Escobar (which I sometimes call Excavator). When we got there it was a sea of red and people were shouting "Gooooo Biiiiiiig Reeeeed!" Daddy said that is what it's like at the football games. We received free hats for sitting in the Husker section. We also got to see Herbie, Lil' Red and some of the cheerleaders. I cheered "Let's go Royals!" most of the night.
Mommy took a picture with Herbie (I was too scared)...
But I got a pic with the cheerleaders!
What a stud!
This is Daddy's camera guy friend that always gets us on the jumbotron 
We sat WAY up high!
Daddy took me down to the Little K while Mommy was feeding Kalia. I played a little baseball and ran some bases - SO FUN!! 

What a fun night!!

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